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Discussion in '3D Print talk' started by Glenn, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn Maker

    Hey guys, thought I'd just put up a pic of my printer I build. Inspired by the ordbot printer which use v rail on extrusion. I thought I'd implement a similar design but using openbuilds new V-Slot extrusion. The linear rails are the v slots in the extrusion, and run delrin wheels on them. Structure and rails in one....simple.

    I bought most my parts from openbuilds in the states. Whipped it up in a few afternoons. Made a few mods with parts I've printed you can see in blue. Had a few parts on the z axis zip tied with wood spacers to start with.

    Overall pretty impressed how well it ran straight away. Need to start cranking the speed. Do some higher prints, spiral vase! And implement auto levelling.

    Here's a photo. Sorry I could upload it to here the size is too large and I'm about to head out.

  2. pko

    pko Maker

    Look awesome. How big is the beast? It looks big but may be just the camera angle.
  3. Glenn

    Glenn Maker

    Overall dimensions are 580W x 600D x 620H, but currently only working on a 210x210 heat bed. Thought I'd make it bigger so I can enlarge build area if I want.

    Only have about 200mm on z axis travel. I'll need to get longer threaded rod to extend.
  4. Dwayne

    Dwayne Administrator Staff Member

    Not bad mate, how is the accuracy or your parts at the moment? would be interested to see.
    Feel like brining it to the next meetup?
  5. Glenn

    Glenn Maker

    Yeah I want to get along to a meetup so I can bring it if I make it down. When's the next meetup?

    Seems to be pretty accurate with current configuration, which is only .5mm nozzle which is more like .6mm and 0.4mm layer height. I need to play around with some more precision settings and to get a smaller nozzle. Hopefully I'll be able to get some tips / advice at the meetup. Having a bit of issues with blobbing and retraction maybe.
  6. Sprocket

    Sprocket Maker

    thats impressive!

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