How to Login, Logout and Request a new password

If you are an exisiting member from the old website and would like to use your old profile then you will need to request a “lost Password”. Follow the instructions below. If you are having any difficulties then please contact use at info (at)




The login/logout menu item is dynamic. It will show “login” if you are not logged-in and “log out” if you are already logged-in. This menu items will always be on the top right of the menu bar. At this stage it is the only place to login for access to the forum/shop.




Login Modal Box


When you click to log-in you will be presented with this modal log-in box. You have many options here including “Register” and “Lost Password”.

You are presented with input fields for your current login credentials. You also have the options to login using the social media outlets that are supported. The first time you login via the social buttons it will automatically create you an account.


login step 2



To register on the site, Click the “Register” button and complete your username an email. A link to set your password is sent. This is similar to the process to reset your password.

Once completed you should be able to login as per normal. If for some reason the reCaptcha is not working, refresh the page and start again.




Lost Password


When you select to “Reset” your password you will be asked to input your account email address. Once completed a unique link will be emailed to you.

Click this link to be presented with a screen that allows you to either reset your password to the randomly generated code, or input your own unique password.


login lost password


after the email has been recieved and you click the link, you should see this screen.


login - reset password


If all else fails, send us an email to and we can sort it out asap.