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    Hi all, firstly i am not very tech savy, I know enough to get by and be dangerous but not enough for the task i require.

    I am looking to see if someone could build a small project for me, ill pay for all the parts and labour (obviously)

    For someone who knows a little code and some simple electronics this will be a piece of cake, I know if i could devote enough time to it i could probably work it out, however in reality i simply am to buisy…


    what im after is two linear actuators to be controlled independently by two separate rocker switches. the movement isnt very much (aprox 2 inches).

    each actuator would have aprox 8 pre programmed positions between 0 and 2 inches so we would use a linear actuator with a potentiometer.

    also at each point from 0-8 an LED would light up, ie there would be 8 LED’s and when position 1 is selected the 1st LED lights up and when position 2 selected both the 1st and 2nd LED’s light up, until when position 8 is selected all the LED’s light up. (both actuators would have separate LED’s and rocker switches controlling them)

    Its nothing to complicated and requires a bit of messing around to lower the voltage to the Arduino, but nothing much for someone versed in playing with them.

    Hopefully someone out there is keen to help out or knows someone who could. I started working out how to make it work and was going to get an Arduino kit from Jaycar to learn, but then i came to the realisation i dont have enough time to work it all out and i would like the project completed a little faster than i would manage…

    Cheers Ben

    this is to be powered all by a 12v bike battery,



    I’d be more than happy to help out Ben but I’m just about to go on Hols.




    Can you give us some details on the final application benno? There are implications based on what the load is, how precisely it needs to be controlled etc. It may be worth considering a servo motor considering the small travel. It would be a lot easier to setup a servo than a linear actuator but without more information it is hard to tell how applicable it would be.

    At a guess… is this an automatic gear changer for a push bike?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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