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    I’ve finally built my 3D printer and I’ve forgotten the parts I’ve used (they were ordered over a year ago..).
    If anyone can help ID the parts, that would be a great help, I need the specs for loading the firmware on, I’m using Marlin.



    Perhaps if you tell us what printer you have o_O


    I’ll post pictures when I can. I designed and built my own printer, so I can’t really tell you what model I have.



    Kieran Mesquita, post: 2143, member: 341 wrote: If anyone can help ID the parts, that would be a great help

    A part tester or transistor tester that can identify a range of components is really helpful. I bumped into one at DangerousPrototypes (watch out 27 pages of posts .. plus DP are also creating a PIC based one) and have been exploring some of the many variations of this tool. It is really great for helping with SMD parts (when you buy cheap unlabelled sets like I did).

    If you want to make one see the links, it only takes a few parts that are often on hand and is really quick to breadboard, or you can buy from ebay. Or if you are really keen give me a yell as I have a couple of different PCBs (PTH & SMD) and I might even give you one I made.

    Below are mostly in German, but dig in you will find english and especially the Kuuber SVN has a english doco (90+ pages!).
    Original circuit – Markus
    Extensively updated, documented – Kuubler

    I find that for resistor and capacitors it is way more accurate than both my Jaycar DVMs!

    Who am I? – a Canberra & Shanghai based maker/hacker – just back in Aus and catching up by subscribing to a few lists 🙂


    I haven’t been online for a while, but I ID’d the parts now.

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