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    Since it’s been ever so quiet on here lately..

    I’m feeling terribly pleased with myself for graduating from programming atmega’s solely from within the arduino environment to now being able to download code directly via a usbasp programmer with no bootloader.  Admittedly, I burnt one chip out when I patched the interface cables back-to-front (Hmm..gnd reads 3.9v..)


    Mind you still, that’s still a hell of a lot easier than when I was a lad, hand coding 6502 machine code then loading it via a hex keypad.  Editing was done via a couple of seven segment displays.. You young fella’s these days don’t know how lucky you have it 🙂

    This guy though is a glutton for punishment..

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    Ha ha, “back in my day we coded the bits by hand using a magnet and the tip of a sewing needle” 😛

    It is a great way to use the atmega chips, especially when you are spinning your own boards or wiring something up to be installed permanently because then you don’t loose a whole development board. You can also keep the serial lines permanently connected to other devices without causing communication headaches.

    Next step is to write code with Atmel studio and use a debugger, then your world will really change 😀


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