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    Hi people and cyborgs.

    I found a link to this site while looking for info relating to RasberyPi and similar boards. My original aim was to create a media centre for an old car I own (the cassette radio was broken upon purchase) but it could end up a much larger project.

    Having learned a little more about the flexibility/scalability of these wonderful pieces of hardware I might go a bit crazy, add a reverse camera and other peripherals… is anyone here knowledgeable on ODB or early ABS systems?? I have some ideas I’m not sure how to implement…

    Its all in “planning” stage anyway.

    A bit about me: I have a little bit of Java experience, but most of my experience is scripting languages (PHP some C#). Some experience in 3D (Max, Lightwave), I thought I’d mention it as I noticed a 3D design forum. Some interest in Electric Vehicles but I cant afford to convert the aforementioned old car to be an EV at this point in my life.

    Anyway thats me and why I joined.




    Hi Byro, welcome to the forums.

    The RaspberryPi is an awesome little board, I havent used them much myself I tend to use the beagle bone blacks which are a bit more powerful, built in fast memory and have a lot more IO including CAN bus on them. I would recommend checking them out.

    Personally I am not a great programmer, just enough to be dangerous. However I have been using python recently and have been very impressed with the power and ease of it. We have a lot of people here interested in 3D printers so design is a part of it, personally I am a solidworks fan.

    I know a few people interested in EVs, lots of work and the cost/benefit isn’t really there yet unfortunately.


    Welcome mate!
    Look forward to seeing some of your projects.



    Hallo! I used to fukn love lightwave! I could spend hours tweaking poly points, material properties and waiting for rerenders!



    Long Live the Amiga!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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