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    I had a bit of a play with VCarve tonight and was able to navigate it very easily. In an effort to save some time, is the software worthy of the $500 price tag? Any thoughts?



    I have been using V-Carve for years. The interface takes a little while to master, but I find it excellent for the work that I do, which is driving a CNC router. I can knock up a cutting routine very quickly from dxf files that I make in other software such as Solidworks.

    Drawing in V-carve is not recommended. Line editing is not great either. Re-scaling is good.

    One of the key things to understand with V-Carve in a router application is closing the boundaries. Otherwise it will cut on the wrong side of the line, unexpectedly. This isn’t such an issue with a laser.

    Is it $500? I don’t recall paying that much. I have the 3D version too, but I don’t use it.

    You can edit the post processing files that V-carve generates to suit most machines.


    Paul Kelly

    Yes, all their software is really, really good. And by ‘good’ I mean ‘You can get a reasonable result without having to be a cnc guru’
    I own VCarve,



    Another thing that I find useful with the Vectric software is ‘conditioning’ files between CAD and the laser cutter, in particular, but the router too at times.

    VCarve will accept files of all sheet sizes and you can scale and rotate and (importantly) nest them. These can then be exported as dxf files, scaled to the sheet that you are cutting.

    I have just spent a couple of hours doing this kind of stuff so it is fresh in my mind.

    I am no drawing guru however, so some of these functions are probably available in software that I am not familiar with.


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