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    Tim B

    G’day People

    I stumbled upon this site via meetups, and when looking for an interesting club.

    I have very limited maker experience – some limited woodwork projects (deck, frames, planter boxes, wheelie bin covers etc) – but I love the idea of a “maker community”.

    Notwithstanding my limited maker experience, I have become obsessed with electric vehicles and am super keen to design and build a simple enclosed Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) from scratch and for registration as an Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV).

    I want to come up with a design which is (relatively) simple, cheap, and easy, then post the experience as a free wiki for others to use as a step by step guide so they can do it (or something similar) themselves (I love open source).

    Essentially, I want to do something very much like Uni SA’s ev “Trev” – see the Wiki and website and really nice summary article here – except a 2.0 version incorporating advances since then and some more details on the electrical systems.

    On electrical systems, I want to learn more about this. In particular, circuitry and CAN Bus protocols. I have no experience with these, but it CAN Bus seems a really cool protocol for integrating the various systems and peripherals.( Hmmm, perhaps torque vectoring is doable?)

    Anyway, I’d love to meet any other people interested in this sort of thing. Especially, if they might be interested in doing it too. I reckon doing it together as a weekend work group would be great. A problem shared is a problem doubled, isn’t it?

    I would also especially like to chat with anyone patient enough to give me the complete idiot’s crash course guide to automotive electrical systems – including Adruino (love open source, remember).

    If you are in anyway interested in this sort of thing – then please give me a yell.





    Hi Tim

    Experience is never a problem, only passion, with that experience will soon follow. Glad to see you are so keen, hopefully we will be having another meetup in the coming month.

    From my understanding there is a relatively healthy EV scene in Perth with a substantial number of people pushing the movement. I dont know if you have come across these forums before http://forums.aeva.asn.au/forums/forums.html but it looks as though there is a decent ammount of activity and a few people from Perth.

    The CAN bus is a very interesting protocol, most notably for the way it handles the message arrbitration so high priority messages can always get through. If you want to play around with it i would recommend the stellaris launchpad as a cheap method of getting started, at $13USD they are a relatively cheap way of getting started. However be warned that the code and development environment can be a bit more troublesome and daunting than the arduino system


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