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    Hello all,

    I wonder if someone can help me. I’ve used chalkboard paint to create a blackboard. This is used in lectures and the artwork may stay in place for several weeks before being erased. After doing a test drawing, leaving it a few weeks and then erasing it, I’ve been left with ghosting. I think I now have to repaint it.

    I didn’t condition/season the board with chalk before I used it BUT there’s two reasons why I didn’t.

    1. On chalk art sites, I regularly read instructions on cleaning the board . . . with water (and, sometimes, other additives such as lemon oil, to eliminate streaking) and leave you with a jet black board ready for the next design to be applied. I reasoned this would remove any “seasoning” from chalk. The fact that the aim was for a jet black finish would suggest to me they don’t season it before the next use either.

    2. In cafes, etc., I often see crisp black boards (not grey, seasoned ones). And, yes, these are true blackboards – not digital prints. So, again, I reasoned they hadn’t been seasoned with chalk.

    So I’m now rather confused.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

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