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    After a massive amount of projects I’ve had to put on hold over the fact I couldn’t manufacture part X or part Y, I’ve decided enough is enough, I’m going to build a 3D printer.

    I’ve tried building a 3D printer twice, the first time, with a handsaw, some old printers and some bunnings rods / MDF. As expected that didn’t work out. Second time, I sent the parts out to be manufactured by a 3D prototyping company, stated turn-around time was 2 weeks and I’m still here waiting 2 years later, I don’t think the parts are coming.

    So, now I’m going in for the third attempt. Learning from the previous two attempts I’m:
    – not going to use a handsaw as my only tool
    – not going to rely on some chinese prototyping company

    Which leaves me the reason I created this thread:

    Does anyone have a working 3D printer and/or laser cutter I could use?


    Here’s the github repo of the printer I’m going to attempt to make:

    I’ve successfully made a RepRap Prusa in the past (for someone else unfortunately)


    Andrew Molnar

    I many be able to help with some bits, in the making and remaking of my 2 year project (just wiring and commissioning to go), I have many surplus bits from my Prusa build. Rods, bearings, assorted printed bits etc. If you are interested let me know.

    As foe printing parts have a look here http://www.victoriapark.wa.gov.au/community/library/services/3d-printing . I have used them very reasonable prices and good turnaround time.

    The Theta is an interesting build, you could easily build it using v slot, some simple cutting and bolt the frame together, and not requiring laser cutting.


    I’ve managed to get access to a laser cutter, I will keep you posted on the progress.



    Hi Kieran! If you’re still looking for a 3D printer, we’d be happy to help you at 3D printing Studios in Fremantle. We value makers and offer some pretty sweet discounts for you guys! If you have some STLs ready to go then you’re all set or we can do them up for you for a bit extra.

    Although not quite as cheap as vic park library, you will usually have a shorter wait time, better service and the filament you are after.

    Shoot us an email at perth(at)3dprintingstudios(dot)com(dot)au and be sure to quote WCM

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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