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    Paul Kelly

    So I’m going to buy a new lathe.
    Is anyone interested in my (slightly modified) 9×20 CNC machine?
    The lathe hardware is pretty tired, but all the CNC bits are good. It has ballscrews and electronic handwheels (ie two MPGs) a 1.2KW servo motor as a spindle drive and a heap of stainless steel splash guarding.

    If you wanted to retro fit another lathe, then this would be ideal.

    Spindle drive:

    Splash guards

    Spindle arrangement

    Control box

    I’ll take some pics of the insides tonight…



    Hmm.. would be interested in the CNC bits, plan to retrofit my sieg C6 in the not too distant future. Not keen on getting the whole lathe up to Karratha though.


    Paul Kelly

    Creepyjoe, post: 3113, member: 674 wrote: Not keen on getting the whole lathe up to Karratha though.

    🙂 The chuck on the lathe isnt too bad, the rest of it is pretty much junk.
    Happy to rip the CNC stuff off and road freight it to you.
    Z axis is a single stack NEMA32, X is a double stack NEMA24, both screws will have a little lash in them by now, but that doesn’t matter on a lathe. I’ll throw in a lash free screw for X that I have.
    PM me an offer if you’re interested, it’d be great to see the thing live on..

    Oh and figure out if you want the spindle drive.

    The controller box has relays for coolant, motors etc….. I can supply a mach 3 config file..


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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